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Decoding Tier-2 India

How is Tier-2 India consuming content from their smartphones? A tale of 4 vectors : {The Vocabulary Vector, The Jio Vector, The Vernacular Vector, The Video Vector}.
This remains a continuing investigation !

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Every app that we use asks permissions of us, and this is magnified in Android Smartphones. Expecting the current privacy blow up, check out how we designed our patent-pending analytics framework keeping privacy in mind.

The Mubble Story

I’ve stopped making new year resolutions for a while now. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I have enough task lists as it is. And I did not find it relevant to have yet another task list, sitting on top of all the task lists – One List to Rule Them All. However many folks I know successfully use new year resolutions to undertake pivotal journeys, and this has remained an...

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